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Member roles and permissions in Booklet

Understanding member permissions within Booklet will help you manage your community effectively. There are three main types of roles within a community: Admin, Manager, and Member.

Role Edit community name Edit billing Invite member Lock member Delete member Post in community
Owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manager No No Yes Yes No Yes
Member No No No No No Yes

1. Admin

The Admin is the highest level of permission in a community. This role has full control and can perform a wide range of actions:

  • Access everything, including the Settings and Billing pages.
  • Manage member permissions, deciding who can do what within the community.
  • Delete data - this is a powerful action that permanently removes content from the community.

2. Manager

A Manager is a trusted role that has more permissions than a member but less than an Admin. They can:

  • Invite new members to the community or lock existing member accounts.
  • Manage member profiles, helping to maintain the community.
  • Moderate posts, including editing or removing them.
  • Managers do not have access to the Settings page.

3. Member

A Member is the basic member level in a community. They have limited permissions, mostly centered around contributing content:

  • Members can access the community and post content.
  • They cannot manage other members, nor can they access the Settings page.

Member Account Actions

Member accounts can be locked or deleted by the Admin or Manager:

  • Locked Accounts: members with locked accounts cannot sign in, but their content remains visible. While they won’t show up on the “Members” page, their posts will still be visible and their profile can be accessed through their posts.

  • Deleted Accounts: If a member account is deleted, it is completely removed from the community. This means all their posts, comments, and any other contributions will be deleted permanently.

This knowledge of member permissions will assist you in setting up your community structure, managing your members, and maintaining a safe and engaging environment.