Community branding configuration

Community Admins can customize your Booklet community to reflect your brand via the Settings page. Here are the settings you can modify.

Notes on Images: Booklet automatically resizes images and serves them in modern formats depending on the user’s browser. We recommend uploading the highest quality image you have. SVGs and images with clear backgrounds are supported for all community branding images.

1. Community name

This is the title for your community. It represents your community’s identity and is visible to all community members.It is also used in the browser title.

2. Slug

The slug is a unique identifier used in URLs and emails. It’s the subdomain on the Booklet domain (i.e., and the email address for your community emails (i.e.,

  • It must be unique across all Booklet communities.
  • It must be all lowercase, 2 to 255 characters long, and can contain only letters, numbers, and dashes.
  • If you change your slug after setting up a custom domain, you need to update your DNS setting to match the new slug.

3. Icon

The Icon is a square image that represents your community.

  • The image should be at least 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels, but any size is supported.
  • We recommend rounding the corners for aesthetics, but this isn’t required.
  • The Icon is required to enable PWA (Progressive Web App) features, like adding your community to the home screen on mobile devices.

The Logo represents your community brand.

  • Ideally, it should be a wordmark that is wider than it is tall.
  • It’s displayed on your community homepage at 24 pixels high, and with a proportional width - but upload a high-resolution image at least 72 pixels tall.
  • If no logo is uploaded, your community name will be displayed instead.

5. Logo for dark mode

Booklet supports both “light mode” and “dark mode”, automatically matching the preferences set in each user’s browser.

  • By default, the same logo will be shown in both modes.
  • If your logo doesn’t contrast well with dark backgrounds, you can upload a “logo for dark backgrounds”.
  • We recommend that this image matches the standard logo, but with different colors.

6. Brand color

You can set a custom color used within your community.

  • This color is used on buttons and links to set the brand for your Booklet community.
  • Booklet analyzes all brand colors automatically to maintain sufficient color contrast on all links and buttons.
  • Any valid hex code is supported, but we recommend black, off-black, white, and off-white colors for the best contrast.