Search on Booklet

Booklet uses OpenAI to provide semantic search capabilities over your community. This guide will help you make the most of the search functionality on Booklet.

  1. Navigate to the search bar at the top of your community.
  2. Enter your search query. This can be a keyword, phrase, or even a member’s name.
  3. Press Enter or click the search icon to start the search.

Search demo

How it works

It’s hard to make a good search system. A simple search system can match the search “Apple” to a result of “Apple Pie.” A better search system can handle misspellings - matching “Aple” to “Apple pie.” But, it’s really difficult to match “Desserts” to “Apple Pie” because that requires the computer to understand the meaning of words. That takes AI.

Booklet leverages the OpenAI text-embedding-3-large model to index the underlying meaning of your group’s content. Try searching “Marketing”, and Booklet can correctly return results about SEO and Advertising. This sophistication of search turns your history of posts and replies into an intelligent knowledge repository for your company or community.


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Is there a time limit on the history included in search results?

No, this isn’t Slack.