Member statuses

When viewing the “All members” page, use the status badge to learn about the user.

Status Description Can Log In In active member directory Receives newsletter
Active The member shows up in the directory, can log in, and can post.
Admin An active member who has full admin controls over members and settings.
Hidden The member profile was flagged by moderation so it is removed from the directory.
Deactivated Member cannot sign in, and receives no emails from Booklet. They are not listed from the directory.
Unconfirmed Member started to sign up for your community through the open registrations page, but didn’t finish setting up their account.
Invited This member was invited to join by an admin. They do not receive any emails and do not show up in the directory until they accept hte invite or sign in for the first time.
Subscribed This member receives your community emails, but does not show up in the directory until they sign in for the first time and finish their profile.