Adding members

In Booklet, only Admins can add new members. To add a member, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Members page.
  2. Click on the Add Member button.
  3. Fill in the member’s email. The name is optional.
  4. The consent form is also optional.

Member invitation process

Here’s what happens for each step of the invitation process:

Form input Result
Email with name, and no consent Member receives an email invitation to join the community.
Email with no name and no consent Member receives an email invitation to join the community.
Email with name and consent Member is directly imported into the community and becomes “Active”
Email with consent but no name Member becomes a Subscriber who receives the newsletter but is not visible in the directory until they activate their profile


Invitations are a great way to add new members to your community. You can invite members by entering their email address and, if you have it, their name. Once the invitation is sent, the member must accept it before they can receive emails or show up in the directory. If a member cannot find their invite, they can always log into your dcommunity with their email to finish activating their account.

Direct import

Members are “Directly imported” if you check the consent box saying that they have already agreed to receive communications. Direct import method skips the confirmation step, but to prevent spam, we limit how many direct imports can be done. You can verify your identity to increase this limit.

Misrepresenting member consent violates the Booklet terms of service and your Booklet account may be deactivated.

Identity verification

Identity verification is an optional feature that lets you increase your import limit. It’s available to free or paid plans, and it uses Stripe to verify the identity. Upon successful verification, your import limit will be instantly increased.

If you are unable to verify your identity through Stripe, then you can email for help.

Importing a list

Need help importing a list of members? Reach out to us at